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Salt crystal

Inhaling of salt has already been recommended by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine. He employed the ancient method of inhaling salty steam generated by boiling salty water.

Salt crystals have been used to treat respiratory diseases (such as asthma, bronchitis orother chronic respiratory problems) to strengthen the immune system fordecades.

Sea breeze therapy

People with respiratory problems who opt for a natural alternative in therapy have discovered the benefits of resting by the seaside. Fresh sea breeze may revive the respiratory system and alleviate the symptoms of respiratory diseases.

Speleo / Salt mine therapy (Speleos= Greek for cave).

In the framework of the therapy, people spend time in salt mines, inhaling the clean salty air (fresh air 100% free of allergens) for four hours a day over the course of ten days, which entails a significant cost in money and time.

Nowadays, the efficiency of using salt mine therapy to treat respiratory diseases is gaining increased recognition. More and more people find it to have curative effects, as respiratory symptoms subside considerably after the therapy. The unique microclimate of salt caves appears to help people suffering from asthma, rhinitis allergica, bronchitis or COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

Halo therapy (Halos=Greek for salt)

This type of therapy includes salt chamber, salt lamp therapies, etc. The salt chamber isa special room the walls and floor of which are coated with salt rocks and crystals from various salty mines. Dry salt aerosol is injected in the salt chamber during the treatment.

Saltinhaler therapy - DSI INHALO

The least expensive and most cost efficient treatment for those suffering from respiratory problems lies in the new innovative, ergonomic and portable drysalt inhalers (DSI), which simulate the conditions prevailing in the natural microclimate of an underground salty cave.

The Dry Salt Inhaler / DSI makes use of the simple therapeutic principle of inhaling salty air at the therapeutic centres, without the inconveniences and costs of having to take a trip.

The DSI Inhalo Dry Salt Inhaler is a comfortable and non-invasive device free of medications, causing no interventions in the body, and is to be classified asphysical therapy.

The disinfectant and detoxicating characteristics of salt not only kill off bacteria but also help in the absorption of oxygen, and users experience adefinite improvement in their general disposition, simply by using DSI for 15to 20 minutes a day, anywhere and anytime they may need to do so.

The deviceis made of medical quality biologically compatible material, and contains rawsalt crystal rocks from the famous salt mine of Parajd in Transylvania.


Salt mine

The main attraction of the region is the Salt Mine, which has been known since Ancient Roman times. Parajd Salt Mine is one of the largest salt mines in Romania andin Europe. The name of Parajd is closely interlinked with salt and everything related to salt. It is located 6 km from the city of Sovata. Parajd is locatedin the northern part of Harghita district, in the Gurghiului Mountains. The enormous salty mass measuring at 1.2 x 1.4 kilometres has a slightly elliptic shape, and its roots are located at an astonishing depth of 2.7 kilometres.

Salt has disinfectant and antibacterial characteristics.

The nostrils and the mouth/throat represent a possibility for bacterial and virus infections. In a global epidemic, it is nearly inevitable to come into contact with these infectious viruses and bacteria despite all precautions.

Even if youare perfectly healthy with no symptoms of a respiratory infection, you may become well versed in inhaling salty air with 100% natural inhalation with noside effects in a few simple steps, in order to prevent the dissemination of infection, the aggravation of symptoms or the emergence of secondary infections.

Simply inhale from the DSI (Dry Salt Inhaler) to prevent catching a cold or a flu, reduce the symptoms of allergy and asthma, and therefore breathing more easily, with the help of salt crystals, the beneficial effects of which is confirmed byclinical trials as well.

Furthermore, the main effect of salt on the bronchial system is to encourage secretion; the bronchi loosen up and help to remove the phlegm; it impedes inflammation and reduces the urge that causes coughing; it cleans the mucous membrane, and contracts or expands the respiratory tracts.

Inhalation through the DSI INHALO attenuates, relaxes and regenerates the entire respiratory system by rinsing it of the pollutions that may prompt asthma and allergies.

“Breathe easily in a natural way”

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100% natural, efficient solution free of medications
• Prevention of respiratory infections
• May promote the cleansing of the bronchial tract
• May mitigate respiratory symptoms quickly
• May help to reduce asthmatic attacks
• May reduce medical treatments
• May improve the quality of life, easy to use
• Local effect mechanism at the apropriate point (lungs, larynx)
• Perfectly gentle treatment
• No side effects


  • Very important: Do not use the inhaler if you suffer from serious weakness of the lungs.
  • Do not use the aroma stick if you are sensitive to its components*
  • In case of serious illness or hypertension, consult your physician before use.
  • Shared use of the device is not recommended.
  • The device is no substitute for your current medication. It is recommended for use on aphysician’s recommendation in conjunction with a therapy prescribed by the physician.
  • Wipe the nose adapter after each use.
  • Avoid liquids or vapours from entering the device.
  • CONTAINS SMALL PARTS. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN. Children over the age of 5 may use the device under adult supervision.
  • Recommended over 3 years of age
  • Peppermint aroma sticks are not recommended under the age of 5.
*Components: menthol, castor oil, eucalypthus, mint, peppermint, lavender, flower leaf andclove

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